Saturday, August 28, 2010

J.crew cable-knit lambswool sweater

I've been noticing a fairly steady temperature decline in the past two weeks or so, and it has me thinking ahead to fall/winter. The summer has been particularly hot for me this year, because I've been working in a greenhouse, where the temperature tends to be about ten degrees above what it is outside, so, as you could guess, I'm ready for some cooler fall weather. I was browsing around through the for sale section of styleforum and landed on this great sweater, for only $20 shipped.
It's in super nice shape, and, with most j.crew items the fit is basically perfect. My only complaint with this sweater is that because it is 100% lambswool, it is rather itchy. But, when the weather cools down, I plan on layering this guy on top of some long sleeve button-up shirts.

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