Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swissgear octane backpack

Being on the verge of a new school year, one of the biggest things on my mind was that I was in need of a new backpack. I hadn't purchased one in the past couple of years, aside from a padded bag for my laptop after first purchasing it almost two years ago, but it has quickly become quite irrelevant to my daily needs because it provides hardly any for anything other than my laptop and it's charger. So this past week i decided to begin the hunt, and I decided to pull the trigger on this Swissgear brand backpack. Initially it started at $90, but Kohl's had it on sale for $47.99, and I believe it is still on sale now, only at a higher price of $59.99. On top of the sale price I also went on, to find a nice printable coupon to save an additional 15%, so if you're looking for something at Kohl's I'd definitely keep in mind that they send out coupons for usually a 15-20% savings on a regular basis. Either way, this bag ended up costing me only around $43, and it fits my needs perfectly.
The main selling points for me were the sale price, and the padded laptop sleeve, along with additional space that my old bag does not provide, although the tags advertised quite a few other things that I didn't necessarily care too much about, like: and audio interface (which I guess is basically a small pocket with a hole in it for my ipod), various pockets to hold my water bottle, cell phone and sunglasses, and a "shoulder strap system" along with an "airflow back system."
also, as you can see from the above picture, the bag also comes with some kind of limited warranty that I'm too lazy to read about. But overall this bag feels like it is well-built out of quality materials that should hopefully last me for years to come.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

J.crew cable-knit lambswool sweater

I've been noticing a fairly steady temperature decline in the past two weeks or so, and it has me thinking ahead to fall/winter. The summer has been particularly hot for me this year, because I've been working in a greenhouse, where the temperature tends to be about ten degrees above what it is outside, so, as you could guess, I'm ready for some cooler fall weather. I was browsing around through the for sale section of styleforum and landed on this great sweater, for only $20 shipped.
It's in super nice shape, and, with most j.crew items the fit is basically perfect. My only complaint with this sweater is that because it is 100% lambswool, it is rather itchy. But, when the weather cools down, I plan on layering this guy on top of some long sleeve button-up shirts.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Eastland lumber up boot

I just picked these boots up off of amazon a few weeks ago, and this is probably the first time I've ever purchased a pair of boots because I actually wanted to, and I am so excited for it to start getting cooler so I can feel a little bit more justified in wearing them. Probably the main selling point on these boots for me was the great price I got on them. They ended up being only around $36 shipped, which i thought was a great price.
Initially I was a little bit wary in buying them having very little experience in the boot field, but I figured there wasn't a very huge loss at the price, and if I didn't like them I could return them back to amazon for a refund. But I decided to keep them, they seem to be built with a decent level of quality. I also went to my local work wear store and picked up some beeswax based waterproofing. I already have them all coated and ready to go for winter!

just a few more images

also-I chose a waterproofing that was specifically made from beeswax and NOT mink oil, because I did some internet research and seemed to get the idea that it is not good to use mink oil based products on leather in the long run because it softens and breaks down leather over time, ultimately ruining your boots.

Naked & Famous Skinny Guys

My newest pair of jeans, can't wait til some fades start setting in on these